4 Weeks of Asia – The Packing List


The last days before a trip can be stressful. But they don’t have to be 😉

This post gets you ready for your trip to Asia and equips you with a packing list that includes everything I consider important for my own travels.


Dont’ Bring Your Whole Closet

Travelling with a backpack, you soon will realize that your space is limited. It is not neccessarily the volume of your backpack though ( mine is a max 50+10l), but the weight you need to carry around with you that makes a long walk tough.

There is one rule I learnt from my travels:

The longer you travel, the less clothes you need.

This applies pefectly for Asian countries where people wash your clothes on the cheap. You will find them in Thailand, Bali, Vietnam and other places. For a 3-4 weeks trip, I do not take clothes for more than 8 days. I know I will definitely find a spot, at least when travelling in a somehow populated area, to get my clothes not only washed, but also folded nicely and even ironed. E. g. in Thailand, you can get 1kg cleaned for 30 – 50 Baht (~0,70€ – 1,26€). There are also places where you can wash them on your own, though in some rural areas they might be harder to spot. Like always, DIY makes you save even more of your budget.

So save your energy for some fun things and don’t waste it on carrying around your closet!


The Right Travel Backpack

I don’t feel like there is THIS one and ONLY backpack that deserves to travel the world with you. Still, the German in me wants to share those technical criteria with you:

1# Volume:

For any travel longer than 4 days my  50l +10l does its magic. The ‘+10l’ means that you can minimize this space down to 50l if you don’t need it. This is nice for carry-on luggage limits, so far I’ve never had any trouble with airlines. Remember: The bigger a woman’s bag the fuller (and heavier) it gets! 😉 So it might be a good idea to limit the size from the very start.

2# Material:

Some backpacks consist of material that is water-repellent. Especially in subtropic and tropic areas that have monsoon season like Thailand, Kambodscha, Vietnam, Myanmar or Indonesia this is a big advantage.

2# Quality:

I have been travelling with my Deuter backpack for 5 years now but there are barely signs of any damage. And it has been through a lot over the years! I am (so far) not the kind of woman that uses backpack protections for rain or the airplane (when they offer me a free check-in of my carry-on, sure I say yes :D), so there were many many times where I had to count on its quality. Totally worth its money in my opinion. Watch out for sale actions where you can get them for up to half the prize sometimes!


About The Money: The DKB VISA Card

Note: you can apply for this even if your nationality is not German!

If there is one thing I wouldn’t want to miss (besides my beloved green backpack), it is this card. It is free.

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Pack It Up: The Packing List

The good thing about Asian countries is that you can leave all those warm heavy clothes at home! But what is it now that you should not forget on your next long trip to Asia? Below you find my personal packing list that helps me to get ready. It focuses on a 4 week trip to Asia during monsoon season as a woman with a backpack, trying to take the minimum of weight, using public transport and sleeping in hostels.



Packing List

TopsIt is hot so you don't want to wear a lot
T-shirtsMake sure to have some t-shirts to cover your shoulders for temples; also good for the sun
Hot PantsYou can also take skirts, I just think it is practical depending on what you want
skirt/longer trousersLonger trousers are good to wear in temples; skirts are light and good for normal travel
BH(Women only)
dressNice for going out; also clever as it saves you a top + short trousers
BikinisTake two in order to wear one while drying the other one
Long sleeve, pull-over, soft shell jacketTake one of each if you want to climb in certain heights early in the morning (e.g. a sunrise on Mount Batur on Bali); it is going to be cold!
Tooth brush, Tooth Paste
Shower gel + ShampooI always fill fluids into little bottles in order to take them onto the plane in my carry-on baggage; you can buy little bottles here ; be aware that some cheaper airlines don't provide transparent bags (for free) at the airport and make sure to pack everything beforehand
Sun blockerBe aware of the fluid limit to take onto an airplane; take a small sun blcoker or simply buy it when you arrive
Towel bigTake a size with you long enough to lie down and to use it as a beach towel
Towel smallTake the smaller one with you so you cann still dry yourself while lying on the beach towel
Make Up
Tampones(Women only); check out if you will get your period before the travel
Nail scissors
Lenses + cleaning stuffIncluding cleaning container, cleaning fluid; see for example this traveller kit
Mosquito repellentConsidering Malaria, Dengue and Zika, I would take caution! I can recommend NoBite or NoBite Sensitive for pregnant women; I personally used the sensitive one as the normal one is really strong
Mosquito netMake sure you can install it fast and easy without damaging the ceiling. This one worked for me.
PinsUseful to fix your mosquito net
TapeUseful to fix your mosquito net
AdapterFor the respective country; You can get Whole-World-Adapters here
EarplugsWhen sleeping in shared rooms, don't forget to take them with you; I like those
FlashlightCheck if included in your mobile phone
First aid KitYou can buy a basic small first aid kit. This one worked for me many times; include Fenistil in the kit for treatment after mosquito bites and sunburn
Camera + chargerI always take at least 2 batteries with me as well; Also at least 32 GB of memory (when shooting in RAW format)
Mobile phone + charger
Lip balmSo useful when on the plane
Flip FlopsYou can use them on the beach and in hostel showers
Robust shoesSo you can walk long tours
PassportAlso take copy of passport with you, put it on a separate place
Health insurance cardHealth insurance abroad is important and you can get it for ~5€ per month
Credit CardFor example the DKB VISA Card
Travel datesYou can also put them on your phone