Asian Temples: Embrace Diversity

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There are candles being lightened, prayers spoken, sticks of incense hold and sacrifices made in order to be heard by various gods and goddesses… Throughout Vietnam, Thailand and Bali you will find similarities regarding their temples but also uniqueness to each culture. Let’s have a closer look at Buddhist, Hindu and Taoistic Asian temples!   […]

Cook it up! Cooking Class in Chiang Mai


  This is one of my favourite memories of all Thailand. Not only do I love the Thai cuisine, but also the atmosphere of this cooking class was amazing. I was lucky to meet amazing people here that I was catching up with later onwards, as this day built a little bond between us travellers. […]

Mahout – Living on an Elephant’s Back

      I immediately fell in love with that place. When accompanying the Mahout, I learnt a lot about the giant friendly Big 5 animal and also about the daily life of Mahout – people who keep elephants in Thailand. The Patara Elephant Farm is situated at  the border of a national park – the Doi […]