Cook it up! Cooking Class in Chiang Mai


  This is one of my favourite memories of all Thailand. Not only do I love the Thai cuisine, but also the atmosphere of this cooking class was amazing. I was lucky to meet amazing people here that I was catching up with later onwards, as this day built a little bond between us travellers.

The farm lies a fair bit outside of Chiang Mai, but the travel is totally worth it! Run by Gayray and ‘Moon’, two lovely sisters, the farm spreads a nice warm feeling 🙂 Gayray’s goal is ‘to prove that women can run a business without a rich boyfriend’. Well, I think she has done a pretty damn good job here!

The Farm

Arriving there on a lovely sunny day, this was such a nice and clean place. I felt lucky to get an insight in an authentic farm here in Chiang Mai. Gay was showing us around, telling us loads of information about every second plant in her beautiful garden. Sometimes, one of us would recognize a plant like “Oh, that is what I always buy in Europe from the supermarket!” which was really nice, as none of us was familiar with the looks of the plants outside of a shopping cart. Gay was very friendly and let us try all of her plants as well! Afterwards, we went to the local market to get some additional items for our cooking pot.

Thai Markets

So… they are different to the ones in Europe, to say the least. The meat here doesn’t get cooled. That is definitely something you can smell on your way through the ‘meat house’. Some ventilators are set up to get rid of the flies, though. The variety goes beyond your expectation imagination, so feel free to fill your pockets with a fair bit of pig hooves, heads and chicken claws.

What I really liked was the clean atmosphere, compared to other markets in south asia, everything had his place. There were eggs in little egg bags, loads of rice pots where you could choose between all different sorts, a lot of prepared and still living (!) animals… which might be awkward for some people but quite normal for Asian countries.

The Dishes

Gay put a lot of effort into her dishes. She also adapted to vegeterians and even to non-asian availability of alternative ingredients to make sure you can actually try cooking your receipts at home! I was totally baffled by that! We were cooking outside and everyone got his own cooking spot, deciding on 6 dishes he or she would like to cook. So let’s find out what’s cooking next…

Self-made Spring Rolls?…!

 Typical for asian cooking classes but WAY too delicious to leave them out: Por Pia Tod!

Thai for spring rolls, you can have Por Pia Tod on every corner in Thailand.


2-3 pieces garlic – chopped

1 piece minced tofu

2 stalks chive – cut into 1 inch length

100g bean sprouts

50g minced chicken

200g glass noodles

2-3 cups cooking oil for deep frying

For Seasoning:

2 tbs cooking oil

1 tsp sugar

2 tsp fish sauce

3 tsp oyster sauce

1 cup of water



5 Easy Steps:

1. Fry garlic in hot oil over low heat (Thai way of cooking is from low heat to high heat!). Add minced chicken and tofu. Cook for a minute.

2. Add sugar, fish sauce and oyster sauce and switch to high heat. Cook! Add noodles together with a bit of water!

3. Add bean sprouts and chive, cook for a few seconds!

4. Wrap your spring roll – be easy on the amount you add to each!

5. Deep fry until the roll turns golden!

Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango

 Searching for mouth-orgasm like taste that you will never forget? Try Khao Nieow Ma Muang and let the vibes begin! Loooving it!!


1 cup sticky rice, soaked for at least 4 hours

1 cup very thick coconut cream

1 ripe mango

2 tbsp palm sugar

2 pinches salt


5 Easy Steps:

1. Drain up the rice and steam for 20 minutes over medium heat!

2. Remove rice from the steamer and add coconut cream, sugar and salt! Stir gently!

3. Cover and let it rest for 30 minutes!

4. Add some roasted sesam topping!

5. Serve with mango (peeled and cut in chunks)!

Wait a minute… Why is this rice even blue?

Dok Un Sun alias butterfly peas are used to colour it without any change in tasting. Put some petals (~15) into 3 cups of boiling water to extract the colour!

Looking for more?


This cooking class has a huge variety of different dishes which you can choose from. I personally liked the Khao Soi so so much, a traditional meal from the area of Chiang Mai. Also, some good old stir fried chicken with cashew nuts is easy to be cooked when you return home. You also learn how to make your own curry paste – great to add to any kind of food if you can handle the spice!

Soulias recommendation: When in Chiang Mai, stop by for an amazing experience!