Pack Up

Fed up with daily routine? Pack up!


It is 5pm. You finished work – as usually. You went home – as usually. You heated up some Mac ‘n’ Cheese and started surfing through instagram & Co – as usually.

There it is. This post of Lilly lying at the beach of Kho Tao sipping on her Mojito. Oh, she’s been travelling for 3 weeks already. Went on top of that mountain. Tried street food in – where is that? Typing weird letter combinations into google – oh well, what an awesome place! Scrolling down… What the heck? She learned how to surf!

And there it is.

You really need a day (or a week or a month or…???) off from your 9-5.

You start searching for nice places…

and now here you are!


My Pack Up section is all about getting you ready for your next journey!

Find out Travel Preparation for your trip, how to plan ahead, read more about book tips and travel quotes in Travel Inspiration!


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