Vivid Sydney

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The Vivid Sydney Festival is an exhibition of art and philosophy, thrilling millions of visitors every year in the heart of Sydney…

I look leftwards – skyscrapers are shimmering colorfully in the warm may night.

I look rightwards – the impressively sparkling Harbour Bridge stretches over the Circular Quay.

In front of me, people from around the world bustle at the harbour, drinking, laughing, enjoying life.

I close my eyes. A soft sea breeze blows through my hair.

I turn around – and there it is- the Sydney Opera House in all its glory. Usually the white emblem of Australia, tonight it sparkles in all imaginable colors, shapes and patterns.


Every year between May and June you can marvel at this spectacle. The Opera House, the skyscrapers and especially the Museum of Contemporary Art are floodlighted with static and dynamic pictures, steadily changing their shape. Around The Rocks and the whole Circular Quay you can admire light sculptures that make especially photographers’ hearts like mine leap for joy!

The exhibited works of the light artists are even partially interactive, for example the Piano Stairs or the Heart of the City! Personally, I loved the Customs House, and couldn’t get my eyes off it! Deceptively real short movies are displayed here onto the old masonry. Additionally, there are loads of delicious food stands and great music to enjoy in the streets.

This night will stick in my memory, for sure!

And all for what?

The light festival emerged as an initiative for energy efficiency and started in 2009 with the project to paint both sides of the Opera House. Since then, more and more light artists exhibit their works. Four local artistic events were united into one big light festival, also in order to lure more tourists into the metropole during winter time. With over 2 million visitors per year this plan seems to work out. Today, the creative aspect of the festival dominates, not only manifesting in light, but also in music and in the exchange of creative ideas.